Amy Lehman

amyAmy Lehman, Hudson House’s co-owner/operator, came to the restaurant business from the art world. She began as a French literature major and moved on a master’s in Dance. Amy became a professional dancer, teacher, and choreographer in New York City with the American Dance Machine, with Jacques d’Amboise and the National Dance Institute, and in private studios. She opened the Hudson House with Matt in 1990, planning to spend one year helping to start up the business, and has been here ever since. “Maintaining high quality food and attentive service means that every day is a start-up day in the restaurant business!”

Amy oversees the restaurant’s daily operations, finances, public and personnel relations, and concept development. While attending to the daily performance of the restaurant, she has managed to keep a hand in the arts by singing in a number of quartets and choirs, by serving on the board of GraceMusic – a local classical music series, and by continuing her French studies.

Raising the three daughters she and Matt share, Maris, Carlyn, and Hannah, has provided the richest part of her life, and her raison d’etre.