Matt Hudson

matt hudson“Ever since I was a child I’ve been captivated by faces and the people behind them.”

What better reason to go into the restaurant business?

Matt Hudson, Hudson House’s co-owner, maitre d’, chief baker, and in-house artist, grew up in Rockland County and is well known in our community. His interest in people led him to this service-oriented career and on any given evening he will greet you personally and lead you toward your seat and a unique Hudson House experience. Please save room for dessert – Matt spent the day baking a rich array of sweet, sinfully delightful treats.

His artistic side expresses itself through all the photographic portraits, Hudson riverscapes, and bas-relief sculptures that don the walls of the restaurant. Stroll through the back hallway portrait gallery; you will likely find the face of a friend or family member in one of the photos.

Matt’s original aim for the restaurant has remained his focus all along: to provide a beautiful, comfortable setting for people to come to eat well and be served amiably and professionally at a good value.