Skye O’Jea Spiegel

skyeSkye O’Jea Spiegel serves as manager at the Hudson House. She and Matt bartended at the same Westchester restaurant for 12 years, and when Matt and Amy opened the Hudson House, they brought Skye with them. The team was built!

Skye began her restaurant career as a soda girl in a “hot shop,” 39 years ago. Her love for the fast-paced, “think-on-your-feet” excitement, coupled with the daily interaction with interesting people has kept her involved ever since.

Through her long experience in the restaurant business, Skye has performed every possible task connected to the front of the house, and knows its workings inside and out. At the Hudson House, she wears many hats, and takes charge of most of the front of the house organization – staffing, training, scheduling, private parties, ordering; not to mention serving her broad base of customers.

Skye’s son, Keenan, was five months old when we opened our doors. Keenan is now in college (her daughter, Autumn, is in graduate school). We count our number of years in business by Keenan’s birthdays. “…the best is yet to be…”